There Shall be A complete ban on any act of ragging performed directly or indirectly by any student of the college. No students Shall commit, abet, propagate, or participate directly or indirectly in ragging in or outside the college. Those student who have been adjudged guilty of any act of ragging shall be punished according to the college rules.


The college will provide assistance related to placement and internship to its students. During summer and winter vacations, practical training will be provided to the students in association with reputed law firms, corporate houses, reputed lawyers and NGOs and government organizations as far as possible.

Importance of Law and
Law as a Career

There are many ways of being human and each society makes its choice. As a matter of fact, it will call a certain assembly of people a ‘society’, implying that these people ‘belong together’, make a ‘totality’, it is due to that choice; a selection, which is at the same time a constraint imposed on the permissible. It is that choice which makes one assembly of people look different from another-that difference which we refer to when we speak of different societies. Whether a give assembly is or is not a ’society’, and where its boundaries run, and who does and who does not belong to the society which that promoted and on the compliance with which it is obeyed. The choice boils down to two impositions or, rather one imposition with threefold effect: of a Law, order and a norm. Legal profession is one of the growing and lucrative professions all over the world. It is one of the most adventurous as well as exciting career. Lawyers are held in high esteem in our society, and there remains the faith that when all else fails, one can still take recourse to the legal system. In our daily life in one way or other we may come across situations where legal advice is required. In such situation we need the advice of a legal professionals who analyse and interpret law properly. Lawyers counsel clients about their legal rights and suggest course of action in a particular matter. They also advise clients and draw up legal documents, such as wills and contracts and conduct negotiations on legal matters, and may represent clients in court and tribunal proceedings. Academic excellence is not the main thing behind the success in this profession. Professional competence acquired through experience and practice with efficient lawyers is the main yardstick of success.


A fundamental Challenges facing every society is to create political, economic and social systems that promote peace, human welfare and human resource development. we at Vivekanand Law College believe That the best way to meet the challenges is to encourage initiatives by those who live and work closest to where problems are located, to promote collaboration among the non profit organisations, government sectors and to ensure participation by men and women from all levels of society.


  • Strengthen Democratic Values
  • Enhance Personality Of Individuals
  • Develop And Maintain A Highly Skilled And Professional Work Force
  • Improve Organisation Eectiveness
  • Inculcate The Culture Of Practical Training
  • Develop attitude And Knowledge among Individuals
  • Ignite The Spirit Of Learning
  • Promote International Cooperation
  • Advance Human Achievement
  • Develop A Passion For Learning
  • Address The Issue Of Social Concern
  • Enhance The Tradition Of Creative And Independent Thinking
  • Reduce Poverty And Injustice.


1. One application form will be acceptable for one course.
2. All the documents required along with the application form should be attested by competent authorities.
3. Certificates of SC/ST/OBC should be invariably in prescribed formats and issued by competent authorities.
4. False/forged documents, certificates will invite legal action against the candidate and the admission will stand cancelled.
5. Incomplete application form or forms not enclosed as required will not be accepted.
6. Income certificate should be issued by competent authority.
7. If the candidate selected and admitted for any course does not turn up for his admission/selection will stand cancelled.
8. Refund of fee will be entertained only under the Govt. / University rules.
9. All Matters are Subject to Varanasi Jurisdiction.