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Education with values


A fundamental Challenge facing every society is to create political, economic and social systems that promote peace, human welfare and human resource development. we at Vivekanand Law College believe That the best way to meet the challenges is to encourage initiatives by those who live and work closest to where problems are located, to promote collaboration among the non profit organisations, government sectors and to ensure participation by men and women from all levels of society.


  • Strengthen Demographic Values
  • Enhance Personality of Individuals
  • Develop and Maintain A Highly Skilled and Professional work force.
  • Improve Organisation Effectiveness
  • Inculate the Culture of Practical Training
  • Develop Attitude and Knowledge among individuals
  • Ignite the Spirit of Learning
  • Promote International Cooperation
  • Afvance Human Achievement
  • Develop A Passion for learning
  • Address the issue of Social concern
  • Enhance the Tradition of Creative and Independent Thinking
  • Reduce Poverty and Injustice